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Verteego provides smart decision-makers with predictive apps that deliver insights based on machine learning techniques.

Verteego has specialized in three areas of automated pattern recognition services:
- scoring (eg. fraudulent transactions, compliant suppliers, credit scores, risk, maintenance);
- customer behavior (eg. clustering, classification, real-time promotions or prescriptions);
- anticipation of physical or financial flows (eg. visitor traffic, revenues, stocks capacity planning, employee turnover, no show,...).

Verteego comes with a data management and descriptive analytics background, with expertise in data science and non-financial metrics. Verteego is the maker of the Verteego Reporting Platform, a cutting-edge, fully-fledged SaaS data management platform, and is the main contributor of an open-source project named the Verteego Data Suite, aimed at combining the best open source tools all along the data science value chain. Both tools, the Verteego Reporting Platform and the Verteego Data Suite, make us capable of delivering digitalization services effectively.

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Verteego Screenshot
Verteego Screenshot
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