Top 5 important use cases of AI chatbots in banking industry

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Personalized Recommendations

AI powered financial advisors can provide personalized recommendation based on the customer’s past data and help them to make a better decision.

24X7 Customer Support

AI chatbots fixes customer support issues by answering customer’s questions in real-time and available 24X7

Personal Banking Services

Customers can request for a statement or check the account balance quickly.

Internal Communication

AI Chatbots can promote better internal employee communication by making the information available from branches, field sales to the employees anytime, anywhere.

Employee Self Service

Employee support tickets, queries can be quickly resolved and many redundant queries can be easily answered by the chatbots to maximize the productivity.

About Payjo:

Payjo is a leading Artificial Intelligence Banking Platform which is powering several financial institutions worldwide. Its AI-powered agent can be deployed across channels and provides 24x7 reliable and real-time automated assistance just like a bank representative.

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