Salesforce launches simplified software tailored for small businesses

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Salesforce recently launched a new sales and customer service software called ‘Essentials’ specifically for small businesses. Essentials is a simplified version of Salesforce’s Sales & Service Cloud products.

Rosenbaum, EVP of Salesforce said “We want to make sure we have a product that works for every segment of the market”. Because small business market is the only segment Salesforce struggles to land on. In the past, small businesses complains about the complexity and cost of the software.


Quotes from Chris Keegan, Director of Door, a real estate brokerage marketplace

“We have tried using Salesforce software but found it difficult to configure and employees reverted to using spreadsheets to log customer data. In 2016, the company replaced Salesforce with ProsperWorks, which caters to small and mid-sized businesses.” He added “One of the issues we were having is that no one on our team was using Salesforce to its full capabilities”

Pricing of the Essentials is marked as $25/user per month for small teams. It is considerably $50 less per user than the professional versions of Salesforce products.


Rebecca Wettemann about Essentials

“As Salesforce has continued to add features to their products they’ve become more complex and also more expensive. This is a way to make those core features much more accessible to small and mid-size businesses.”

Leggett, an analyst from Forrester Research pointing that “Not all the small businesses will consider Salesforce because there are cheaper options out there such as ProsperWorks, Zoho, Freshworks and Infusionsoft.


Salesforce also revealed that, it will retire SalesforceIQ and, two products that served to small businesses from March 2020.


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