Salesforce launched conversational queries with Einstein Analytics to simplify users data interaction

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Salesforce recently launched new conversational queries that allows business users to interact with their data easily by expanding the capabilities of its Einstein Analytics Platform. It understands user’s interaction and displays data in automatically configured charts.

Its new feature allows users to search business related terms such as “show me top accounts by annual revenue" or "rank accounts decreasing by annual revenue and billing country," it shows results in automatically configured charts. It also provide the same facility to search common words and Einstein provides related suggestions and displays results in visualization formats by location.


Quotes from Keri Brooke, VP of Product Marketing

"The questions are being shaped by the metadata that is in the CRM system, As you start to type it will look at the metadata in the application ,so it's not pure search, it's actually more intelligent based on the shape of your data.”

She added "One of the things that's unique is we're not just looking at data that's being created in the CRM. We're bringing in data from multiple sources, so we're bringing it from the ERP system, or an HCM system, or a supply chain system. And all of that data is basically being brought into the number one CRM and the analytics is essentially happening in that CRM."

Benefits of the launch of new conversational query

Users can go back and front to check the relevant data set by a visual history of all the queries they asked before to start again from a new direction.

It reduces the additional man power of the organisation such as data scientists, IT, or admin, to gather and present data. By this new feature users can do all their assistance by own without anyone help.

Brooke said that "So instead of your admin or your IT building those applications and charts for you, you're essentially just giving the data to your business user and saying, You know what questions you need to ask, I don't know as an admin what questions you as a sales leader need to ask; we'll give you the data and the tools and then you can create these charts and applications from that".

It provides excellent training resources to cut down the clicks needed to get answers quickly.


Quotes from Brooke about their new launch

"The centre of gravity of data, originally it was ERP system, and then it was a data warehouse. I feel like now the centre of gravity for data is the customer data, and that's why any analytics built into our CRM is the most powerful data now for our business users.

She added "We're now seeing customers who really have this vision for digital transformation and we've seen the data being the driver for digital transformation, and marketing automation, and the CMO; personally, I feel like analytics is really going to be the thing that does drive digital transformation because it has to be transformation for the business users."

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