Intuit Upgrades its QuickBooks Online Certification and Training program

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Intuit launched QuickBooks Online Certification program in 2013 to train ProAdvisors to support small businesses. Based on its user’s feedback Intuit upgrades its QuickBooks online certification and training program and probably launch in next month only on the United States.


Overview of Intuit’s QuickBooks Upgradation

  • ProAdvisor tab -          offers easy access to ProAdvisor benefits, such as ProAdvisor support, exclusive discounts, and training resources to empower client’s knowledge.

  • Scenario based learning – offers better learning and preparation for the certification exam. It also includes an optional “QuickBooks Online for Accountants” training course for new ProAdvisors.

  • Recertification process - QuickBooks Online Certified ProAdvisors must take the exam each year to maintain certification eligibility. From its upgradation, it simplifies its exam module for QuickBooks Online Certified ProAdvisors by focused on what has changed in QuickBooks Online since the prior exam. For that an optional “What’s New” training program is added.


The new recertification examination will be available in March, and the annual renewal date for recertification will be July 31. All current QuickBooks online certified ProAdvisors must accomplish the recertification examination by this date to maintain their certification status.

By this new launch of Intuit’s QuickBooks certification and training program, helps accounting professionals to expertise on the ecosystem of QuickBooks products and services effectively.

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