Datorama launches LiteConnect for AI-powered Marketing Data Visualization and Insights

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Datorama recently announced the launch of LiteConnect, a complementary solution within its marketing intelligence platform for AI powered marketing data visualization and insights. LiteConnect enables AI powered automatic solution for marketers to transform any spreadsheet or data file into simple, interactive, marketing-specific dashboard instantaneously.

Marketers helps business to grow by their predominant budgeting sense and cultivating exceptional customer experience with data. It’s mandatory to maximize the usage of data to operationalize these mandates. LiteConnect offers an efficient solution for marketers in two fundamental ways.


  1. Quick entry point to technology-assisted analysis - it enables marketers to transform their data quickly into interactive visuals by its fast and easy technology solution. If marketers are already benefiting from Datorama, it offers new flexibility for ad hoc data analysis and the integration of non-traditional data sources to their cross-channel marketing mix.
  2. AI powered Instant intensive insights - marketers prefer LiteConnect for its on-demanding automatic AI powered solution for intensive data transformation and insights. We can create interactive dashboards automatically by uploading file through LiteConnect. It takes only two clicks and few seconds to transform the data into visualization. This is made possible through the use of AI, which analyses and identifies the most important relationships between the various data entities into dashboard with the most appropriate visualizations that include the top key performance indicators (KPIs), trends and interactive drill downs.


Quotes from Joe Ste. Marie, a senior media analyst with Bully Pulpit Interactive

"LiteConnect is quickly becoming a core way we use the platform. Working with political campaigns requires the analysis and harmonization of a large breadth of data types at any given time, and we see great value for using LiteConnect with data that doesn't fit within our standard Datorama marketing data model.” She added “As analysts we want control over all of our data in one place, and the Datorama platform provides the perfect solution. For new analysts, LiteConnect is immensely helpful in lowering the barrier to entry so we can prototype, iterate, and visualize data as fast as possible."

LiteConnect is the trending AI-powered additional supportive solution for Datorama’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based platform. Datorama represents a first-mover approach through the integration of all a business’s marketing data into actionable marketing intelligence. Enterprises, agencies and all managing partners can use Datorama by accessing their relative marketing data for detailed data insights and visualization.

Quotes from Ran Sarig, CEO and co-founder, Datorama

“One of the most important values at Datorama is to continually deliver on the promise that we will keep our customers at the forefront of marketing. With the addition of LiteConnect to our already comprehensive platform, we feel confident that it will further bolster our AI-powered solutions, and give our customers an all-new way to quickly drive ROI through their marketing efforts. As marketers seek to understand the value of data sets never used before, we know that LiteConnect is the perfect way to meet that challenge.”

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