AdRoll Unveiled RollWorks Targeting at Fast-Growing B2B Market

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AdRoll recently announced an expansion by targeting enormous demands on B2B Market. It unveils RollWorks, a new corporate structure for resolving specific needs of B2B businesses to improve its revenue by focusing on sales tactics. AdRoll still supports brands through its renovated platform and from now onwards AdRoll Inc will operate as AdRoll Group.

Quotes from Gabriner, CEO of AdRoll

"Today's news is a major milestone for AdRoll and marks our commitment to innovation and growth. We are building on the company's 10-year history of helping commerce and B2B marketers grow revenue and have a meaningful impact on their business results. With distinct divisions and product development efforts, we're now in the best position to accelerate growth for our customers as we establish AdRoll Group as the Growth Platform Company."

From a recent report, eMarketer calculates B2B advertiser’s spending on U.S. digital advertising will be $4.6 billion. RollWorks brings an ultimate solution for B2B buyers on their complexity in advertising and marketing for their consumer focused counterparts. RollWorks offers a simple, easy to use platform for marketers to target right people and provides the correct way to connect with them to drive growth easily.

RollWorks allows marketer to target right audience with personalized messages through the sales and marketing process instead of targeting based on IP address. As a unit of AdRoll, RollWorks draws on more than 10 years of performance marketing experience, proprietary ad retargeting development and prospecting expertise.

RollWork’s integration with CRM and marketing automation systems, including Salesforce, Marketo and HubSpot allows marketer to target and engage prospects with unprecedented precision. Marketers will also more deeply understand the ROI of their efforts with direct access to data, dashboards and full-funnel metrics within their CRM or marketing automation system.

Quotes from Gifis, President of AdRoll

"It has never been easier for ambitious companies to get started, and, at the same time, it's never been harder for them to compete with established, enterprise brands. The customer journey is becoming increasingly complex, and the expectations are higher than ever. AdRoll aims to level the playing field for these rising, ambitious brands with a platform that helps them create the seamless experiences their customers expect. With intelligent automation and a single view of the customer, we help them deliver on the customer journey and understand the impact their marketing investments are having on their bottom line."

Its rebranded version of AdRoll is available on worldwide and also it launches some of ecommerce platform capabilities to empower ecommerce brands to grow by adding more integrations, campaign automation tools in its expansion.

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